About Us

Groveland Station is an Americana fiddle-boogie band out of Livingston County New York. We're chasing a sound that combines big fat acoustic grooves and tasty fiddle chops. Our style mixes swing, country, blues, bluegrass, and jazz.  We also have a Chapman Stick that's ethereal and weird. While we're mostly focused on original songs, we also have a number of classic and contemporary cover tunes. We like it when people dance!


Oct 2, 2017: After a lovely run of gigs over the past few months, we're taking some down time to work up some new material and maybe hit up the studio again. But don't worry, more gigs in the works for later in the Fall. Stay tuned! 

July 26, 2017: Here's a nice write up of Stranger Here Myself by Frank DeBlase at the Rochester City Paper

June 1, 2017: Stranger Here Myself is now available. You can grab a copy at Buzzo Music or Touch of Grayce in Geneseo. Or download from iTunes or CD baby.

Upcoming Shows


For a bunch of introverts, we're trying hard to be social. Check out our FB and YouTube pages, and feel free to sign up for our mailing list. For booking info, msg us on FB, email at groveland.station.band@gmail.com, or call Jeremy at 585-245-1546.

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