Mix Up the Diesel


Old Uncle Sam he’s hanging down at the bar

Pays for your whiskey while he’s stealing your car

Can’t find the tires so she ain’t gonna roll

Sells her on eBay pours the gas down the hole

Go find Aunt Sally pass that bottle around

Break out your red-dress cause we’re headed uptown

Wake up the angels and the south street bums

We’ll all be dancing till the mailman comes


The goat don’t like you and he’s kind of aloof

Climbs up the chimney and he hides on the roof

Keeps talkin trash to that old calico cat

Misplaced his Prozac and his ten gallon hat

Can’t catch the chicken so we ain’t got no stew

TV ain’t workin so we ain’t got no news

Tear down the goat shack throw the boards on fire

Mix up the diesel till we can’t get no higher


Cousin Jimmy he keeps coming around

Talks revolution but he don’t make a sound

Climbs up the flag pole like a monkey on crack

Shows off his pistols climbs back down for a snack

Lost all my money got no sins to confess

The cops ain’t coming cause the place is a mess

They caught some junkie with nefarious plans

Scratching amendments on the law of the land


She pulls you downtown with her power of persuasion

Sells you some snake oil and some half assed invasion

Buys you new diamonds and a color TV

She’s running numbers in the land of the free

Go find Aunt Sally ...