Tinsel Town


Whoa Joanna, won’t you spend a little time with me

I been riding all night got the radio on, Searching for a place to be

Where the wind don’t blow so angry, And the people don’t come so mean

It’s 3 o’clock in tinsel town wont you be my dixie queen


Whoa Joanna, I been thinkin bout what you said

How the fear and hurt take a hold on me, Knock me out of my head,

I can drown in shallow water, I can drown in the deep blue sea

it’s four a.m. the lights are low wont you spend a little time with me


Puttin down your window, Closing up your door

Layin out your pillow, lift the blankets from the floor


whoa Joanna, wish I could take back those words,

Start again like we did before, Pretend you never heard

I got all of this confusion, I got this endless stupid war

It’s five a.m. in Tinseltown, I’m crawling on your porch


I said whoa Joanna, won’t you open up your door to me

I been running all night just a little bit gone, I could use your company

I can be your Dixie singer, I can write your symphony

Let’s just try this one more time won’t you be my Dixie queen