Treading Water


I never told her bout the wine in the river

I never told about the hole in my liver

I just told her that I wanted to be there

Run my fingers down her back just to see where

Her bones were hurtin from the burden she was holdin

Her eyes were open I could see a smile unfolding

I said awww, sweet mama,


So we went fishin on our own private ocean

The water low and we just sank into the notion

Of two old lovers with their bodies all a burnin

The boats cut loose and now the captains not returning

My soul was llighter than the fish that started jumpin

My eyes were closin’ when she started saying something

She said aw, sweet Papa …


She told me I was like a fire out on the prairie

Bushes burning and the ghost of virgin mary

Risin up to see buffalo stampeding

Risin up to see the rifles all repeating

The souls were heavy as they fell into perdition

I cut my crying when she gave me her permission

And I said aww sweet Mama …


All the days and all the nights that run together

All the rain and all the windy stormy weather

All of the love and all the hate just disappearing

Now I can see the clouds above just start to clearing

Singing aww sweet Mama….


The sun comes up as we’re just holdin to each other

She takes my kiss and then she asks me for another

It goes like this until sun just starts to setting

Another day another night and we’re forgetting

that there’s no quitting while your bones are treading water

No need for fishing cause you know that you just caught her sayin

Aww, sweet papa…. Aww Sweet mama